The authors express their gratitude to European Judicial Training Network (EJTN). for organizing trainings during which we got in touch with a number of colleagues from various Member States of the European Union. We were able to use these contacts to obtain information, expertise and also the texts of ethical codes from different countries. A collection of ethical codes was also provided by Svetla Ivanova, prosecutor in District Prosecutor’s Office Lovech, which is contact point of EJN.

The technical part of the present work and and the developing of the website was supported by Pavlin Ivanov (Lovech Today).

The authors would like to thank National Institute of Justice, Dr. Nezabravka Stoeva, Dr. Ivanka Kirilova  for the coordination and the administrative support for the team and the tutor.

Ms. Iglika Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) provided training of presentation skills, Mr. Georgi Nyagolov – Legal English, Sofia University, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology.

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