Dear colleagues,

Welcome to join us in our Digital Arena (Community), which is consisted of the following:

  1. Debate Arena. In the latter we have provoked your professional perspectives confronting you with the question “Shall we consider a harmonization of Magistrates’ Ethics and Professional Conduct rules in the EU a justifiable strategy?”. The question pointed out is open for a discussion.
  2. Drafting Arena, where visitors have the option to make their own suggestions either for unaddressed ethical rules or for updating the universal and well-known Bangalore principles in the light of the reality nowadays.
  3. Survey, which is aimed to give short answers to the questions, as follows: 1. when was the last time you as a magistrate read the ethical rules applicable to you; 2. whether the Bangalore Principles need to be revised;  and what is your perception of our Digital Arena (Community).

The main idea of this endeavor is to light a discussion on whether it is necessary to update the common ethical principles established in 2002, Bangalore and if the jurisdictions in all 27 MSs sense a demand for supranational harmonization of standards for ethics and professional conduct.

The underlying aim of the Digital Arena is to gather magistrates from different countries so that they form a professional community, which shares the idea of contemplating on the issues of developing contemporary standards and rules for Ethics and Professional Conduct within the Judiciary.

In order to participate in the debate you have to register on the website (not available now) or post something anonymously.

We have put boundless devotion in the creation of the Digital Arena, which we consider as a living organism, our “plane tree” thus we truly want to say “Thank you for your interest”.

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  1. Top ,.. top top … post! Keep the good work on !

    1. Thank you very much Gal Jerman. We will be grateful if you use our platform and if you give us ideas for its development.

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