Dear colleagues, our one and only Judicial Ethics Platform has been created for the purpose of the Semi Final, D, Themis Competition, 2022. Nevertheless, after representing its core idea not only to colleagues, acquaintances and friends in the system, but also to the honorable Jury in the competition, we realized that it would of great advantage if we alter the function of the Platform. Since we really tend to provoke magistrates’ thinking in the direction of contemporary ethical rules applicable to them, it came as a reasonable idea to create a digital community that will not only trigger discussions on hot topics in the sphere of ethics and professional conduct, but also recommend decent solutions on the problems. That is our compelling reason why we firmly believe the Platform is worth existing.

Firstly, we would like to express our thanks on visiting our Judicial Ethics Platform. We are THEMIS TEAM 2022 from Republic of Bulgaria. For further information you may see the section About us.

Our topic in the competition was A call for  harmonized  rules and tools  for judicial  ethics and  professional conduct in the  European  Union. Throughout the whole competition we are discussing the highly recognizable Bangalore principles in the light of the nowadays challenges confronting magistrates all over Europe such as Mutual trust, Legal technologies, Judicial whistleblowing, Gender related integrity issues and E-presence of magistrates.

In order to contemplate together over these highly sensitive issues it is our desire to initiate a discussion on a future harmonization of EU judicial ethics and professional conduct standards. We are inclined to believe such a harmonization and integration of ethical and professional conduct rules is not an unattainable utopia. It is common knowledge that all MSs have common EU values, common EU Law, common power to deliver Justice to EU citizens. Then why would it be deemed utopian to have a contemporary set of standards of our ethical behavior at work?

The Atlas for ethical rules, which we have created in the special section in the website, shows untouched areas of ethical dilemmas on which you may share your thoughts, perceptions and suggestions. The Platform also offers the results of the research that we conducted and also the numerous main sources regarding the topic of  Ethics within the Judiciary.

Sincerely, it is of paramount importance for us to realize your participation in the Platform as it is believed that is the only way to prolong its life and excel its benefits for magistrates on a EU-wide scale.

Dearest colleagues, you are more than welcomed to take active part in communicating new standards applicable to nowadays’ magistrates considering their ethical behavior and professional conduct within the Judiciary (Digital arena).

The platform was visited around 170 times regarding active visiting. We are currently preparing some surprises in the section Arena.

Thank you very much for spending time in our Judicial Ethics Platform!

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