1. Ethical Issues

Using of legal technologies:

  • searching, analyzing, processing of case law;
  • completion of forms/certificates in the field of judicial cooperation;
  • evidence interpretation through forensic examinations;
  • machine translation and transformation of text/speech;
  • online judicial proceedings during the COVID-19;
  • have added value to efficiency, coping with time-limits and stress, tailoring judicial maps and reducing the number of EU magistrates.



2. Our proposal for new ethical ruleĀ 

Innovations shall be applied under strict control of magistrates in order to ensure transparent, effective and based on human-centred approach and in line with the fundamental rights and procedural guarantees for delivering justice of high quality.


3. Your ethical rule

Dearest friends, now you have golden opportunities to write your proposals for ethical regulation on the topic of Legal technologies. Please use your creative imagination and ingenious creativity. The answers outlined would be published in the comment block below.

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