1. Ethical Issues

The EU principles:

  • Area of freedom, security and justice (art. 67 TFEU);
  • Judicial cooperation in criminal, civil and commercial matters
  • Each authority applies equivalent standards for protection of rights across their justice systems
  • The mutual recognition depends on:
    • good understanding of different national legal systems;
    • EU mechanisms for safeguarding the rights of suspects and accused, victims and third person;
    • common minimum standards permanently interpreted by the CJEU;
  • In practice: misunderstandings, delays, differences in the implementation of EU law, especially in areas of fundamental rights, such as detention conditions, the length of pre-trial detention, the rights of victims and children.
  • Expectations for support the law, to obey the same EU principles and to work toward the same goal.
  • Relations with colleagues with the equal rank from EU MSs are maintained.
The Proposal on a computerized system for communication in cross-border civil and criminal proceedings, named e-CODEX system.

The system could provide:

  • digitalization of justice
  • speed up the cooperation
  • efficiency of law

Whether these innovations will strengthen the trust between magistrates in EU MSs?


2. Our proposal for new ethical ruleĀ 

Judicial activities and responsibilities in cross-border cases should be performed in line with the protection and enhancement of the mutual trust between competent authorities of EU MSs.


3. Your ethical rule

Dearest friends, now you have golden opportunities to write your proposals for ethical regulation on the topic of Mutual trust. Please use your creative imagination and ingenious creativity. The answers outlined would be published in the comment block below.

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